Take Your Game to the Next Level


Professional Baseball Training


Lessons are planned to fit your schedule as well as the ability level of the player. I strongly suggest lesson packages, as opposed to a single lesson, as proper hitting or pitching requires consistent focus and review.

We offer high quality instruction for a variety of fundamental skills.

Pitching / Throwing

  • Proper pitching mechanics
  • Arm care and proper arm action
  • Ball grips
  • Stretch and wind-up delivery motions
  • Control, movement and change of speeds
  • Pick-off moves and base covering responsibilities
  • Body & Arm Strengthening
  • Body & Arm Mechanics & Motions
  • Pitching strategies
  • Conditioning
  • Preventing injuries

Hitting / Bunting

  • Hitting mechanics
  • Offensive situational strategies
  • Sacrifice & base-hit bunting skills
  • Strength development for power
  • Correct stance, grip & swing
  • Hand-eye skill training
  • Aggressive and confident approach
  • Supervised swings for quality
  • Equipment Selection
  • Ball Tracking Skills
  • Timing, Rhythm & Balance
  • Positive Swing Plane & Contact Points
  • Anticipating pitches/Managing the count

Offensive Skills

  • Base-running, lead-offs & stealing techniques

Defensive Skills

  • Defensive strategies

Catching Skills

  • Calling pitches
  • Stances\footwork
  • Receiving and framing pitches
  • Quick throwing release
  • Proper arm action
  • Blocking balls in the dirt
  • Tagging runners
  • Catching pop-ups
  • Fielding bunts
  • Setting team defense

Fielding Skills

  • Ready position and field coverage
  • Backhands, forehands and diving plays
  • Tagging runners, rundowns, base positioning and pop-ups
  • Infield team play for putouts, double plays and relaying throws
  • Fielding outfield ground balls
  • Judging line drives and fly balls
  • Making accurate throws to all bases.