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Cool Weather Reminders - 01/26/2015

Temperature-wise we have had a pretty mild winter, at least in my mind, but I recall hearing a weatherman stating recently we are on pace to be the sixth coldest January on record. Maybe we were at the first of the month but I don't know how this can be the case. What I do know is my thoughts on this being a mild winter is based on my limited experience outdoors this month. My car is parked in a garage so I'm not cold when I leave the house. My walk from my car into Cedar Hill High School is maybe seventy-five feet. It is been years since I wore a coat to school, though I do wear one to church on Sundays. When I get home I walk less than two hundred feet from my front door to my facility.

As much as I love the outdoors, I don't like the cold. On warm weekends, like we've had most of the time this month, I'll be outdoors as much as possible. My experience outdoors is limited and it seems to me as if the weather has been mild.

But the weatherman has said something different. His statement is based on good data. The facts. It's been cold. I don't get it. But in reality his statements are more accurate than mine. Perhaps the weather patterns have changed since he made his prediction.

Regardless of what I have felt lately, or what the weatherman predicts for the near future, data taken over the last 100 years or so convinces me that we will have some cold days this spring. We need to be prepared for these cold days. I have seen a lot of guys coming to see me that are not prepared for the weather. No sleeves. No jacket. It may not be a big deal if they aren't throwing again the same day, but I still think it is a good idea to keep your arm warm, even after you are finished throwing for the day.

It could be warm or mild when you leave the house but a front could blow through in the middle of your practice or game. Because of this, all players should keep a pair of sleeves in their bag at all times. I view this as an extra insurance policy for your throwing arm. Keeping a jacket in your bag is a good idea too, but if you don't have room for a jacket in your bag, be sure to carry one with you to every practice or game.

It may feel warm to you, but the facts are, the weather is going to change. Be prepared!