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Many of you have been asking about where you can get top quality training equipment for your son to use regularly at home. I have agreements with some top quality suppliers that will allow you to purchase their equipment through me at a great price.

Announcing a new affiliate agreement with Oates Specialties.

Oates Specialties has the best collection of athletic fitness and conditioning tools available in the market today. You can be confident that their equipment can help athletes in all sports. Click on the following banner to access their site and order directly from Oates.

Accessing the Oates banner below, prior to making your purchase, will enable me to acquire additional equipment that will be used to improve our strength and mobility programs.

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Click on the banners below to view products from the following companies and let me know what you need to secure your discount.

Muhltech Training Aids are high quality products that will last a long time and that I believe you will be happy to have. They have many great products that will help your son become a better player through more consistent workouts.

Ask me how I can save you money on the purchase of any of these fine products by buying from me rather than buying direct.


D-BAT, an East Texas manufacturer, also provides high quality products that you will be happy with. The D-BAT catalogues are usually available the first week of February.


Coach Jeff,

I was very impressed with the 3D Pro Pitchers Target I purchased through you from Muhl Tech. It was much more heavy duty than I imagined. I would have thought that something this well built would have cost twice as much as it did. It was very simple to put together and included everything I needed for a quick installation.

Ken – Red Oak


Coach Jeff,

The Muhl Tech Batting Cage exceeded my expectations after getting it put together and putting it to use. The frame was organized upon delivery, and everything was put together in about 2 working days, including hanging the net. The size of the cage provides room for hitting, pitching, and fielding and has space to have multiple hitting stations down the line. Thank you for your help and all of the information in getting me set up.